Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bean Pot Taco Soup ..

Hi Everyone!!! I wanted to do something different today and that is to show you how cool Celebrating Home's Bean Pot is to use! I made this taco soup last night for dinner and I only used 3 dishes! one: to cook the meat in and second: colander to drain meat and just this Bean Pot! super easy! delicious! and easy cleanup! so easy in fact that Tim washed it after dinner and I made Dessert in it!! so what an easy dinner and dessert! loved it! I do have a link on the top of my blog if you want to check out what we sell and a TON of products are discounted! ..I will share the recipe..you have to order the Bean Pot tho to make it ;) that's the only condition :) ...
Celebrating Home Taco Soup Recipe:
1Lb ground beef, cooked and drained..I used 2lbs because we are total meat eaters and like chunky meaty soup ;)
1 - 28oz can of kidney beans (do not drain)
1 - 28oz can diced tomatoes (do not drain)
1 -14oz can corn (do not drain)
1 to 2 packets of taco seasoning or Celebrating Homes Chipotle dip mix (I didn't have that in stock so I used reg taco seasoning..One whole packet of Hot and about 2tbls of mild) what FLAVOR!!!
Stick it ALL into your Bean Pot (which you can order from me) hehe
stir and stick the whole thing with lid into the microwave for 20mins! THAT'S IT!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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