Friday, November 11, 2011

Card Class and Big Big Trouble ;) ;)

Hi Everyone!!! I'm on severe burnout..I'm tired and I have a sinus infection, so I will try to post tomorrow but no guarantees :( ...I have card class today and at least this part is FUN!!! but am I gonna pass out tonight..You betcha! :) :) ..These are the cards we are making tonight.. The picture is of Rocks trying to eat my card box (I think he's teething at 7 years old ;) But considering he tore holes in a good bra last night he's in big trouble! and he tore (ate) a corner piece of the blanket my mom made me ..so double big big trouble! Lucky I love him he just got a finger shake with a BAD BOY attached..Tim Say's I would have kicked his butt if he ruined my stuff (OK yes he's right) hehe but Rocks have you seen him!? He has a good I'm sorry mom face, so can't get to mad at him :) ..I hope you had an awesome day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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