Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary Tim

A message for My Love... Today is our Anniversary and I can't tell you how much I love you..I love you so much that I couldn't be without you..Every day that goes by I fall deeper in love with you..I want to hold you forever..When you hold me and I look up at you, you stare down at me and smile...I can't tell you how much I love that you are with me, you have me so spoiled, I'm sure there's not many men out there that would smile at them when you tell them how much money you spend on Stamping supplies and tell you how much they love your cards and when you say Oh babe there's new Nesties coming out he tells you buy whatever you want :) ...And when you say babe there's a stamping convention coming to a city near us, he says Oh let's go and I'll be the holder of ALL your packages :) ....man Tim I love you..I'm sure there's not many men out there that won't let there family hurt (financially) without doing there best to find as many jobs as it takes for his wife to be happy, I have a husband that doesn't want me to work because when he has a day off he just wants to be with me, Isn't that the coolest..I think so...I am deeply in love with you and when I see you my heart pounds and I can't stop thinking of you :) ...I love you so much Tim! and I thank you so much for spoiling me and even though I don't say it everyday I do APPRECIATE everything you do to make me happy and you're the man of my dreams every night and every morning that I wake up...I love you Timothy... Happy Anniversary!!!!!

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Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. Yeah you are a spoiled woman, but let me tell you you are a well deserving woman who also spoils his man. Happy anniversary Tim and Mandy!!!!!

  2. Awwwwwww!! That was so sweet!!! You are a lucky lady, but he's lucky to have you too!!! Have a Happy Anniversary!!!!!