Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 cards for Feb's Class

Hi Everyone!!! Yesterday was my class and what a blast I am having, each and every lady that comes over makes me laugh and makes it possible to have a good time..Thank you!!!! we made these 5 cards and two of them I made the night before class, so now I'm showing all of you who in Blog-sphere what we did :) ...The "boy" card has a Detachable bookmark on the side and the monster is color-able for the recipient (freakin big word for me) :) (recipient) hehehe ....
OK for my friends that know me..here's the real me ....which ever little boy gets this better like it, sit down and color in the lines and say Thank You!! ... Bahhahaha
Here's to you morning class LOL!!!!
OK back to blog me...Almost all the ingredients are from SU..what isn't SU is from my "stash" .. Next class March 18TH :)
Have a great Saturday!!! I'm off to Monterey with my Hubby for some dinner and dessert! whoo hoo!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!


  1. Cute cards. I like the detachable bookmark. Great idea. I'm following you via SC. I'm #344 on the list. Thanks for sharing.
    Carrie Sampsel

  2. Buahahahaha!!! She's out lol!!! I know I told you before, but I loved all the cards!!! Oh and you keep returning my stuff don't you get it I wannna move in now that your parents are out and you just not having it!!LOL Thanks for the fun day all that was missing was Diana, Diana we missed you!!!

  3. Wow I missed a great class, I'm so sad :o( But I'm happy for all of you that got to go and make these fantastic cards!!!! Working for a living sure sucks!!! LOL!!