Monday, February 1, 2010

Almost Back

Hi Everyone!!! OK I will be back tomorrow and I should be back on track..it's been real stressful around here so I haven't even been in my craft room but I did shop the other day and my stamps came in, so tomorrow will be some new images I bought so come back....Everything is going OK I think it will take about a week before my parents and us :) will be adjusted. I can't wait to start getting into quilting again with my Mom we both learned how to quilt together and I have made 4 quilts she's made like 400 so it will take awhile before I catch up but maybe every once in awhile I'll show you what I'm making with fabric too...Tonight is the party with Sassy Studio Designs and OMGOSH!!! did you see the images??? OMGOSH! I'm so buying them..there's not one that I don't want so yay! even more to play with...I can't wait to play so I'll see everyone tomorrow :)
Thank You!! Come Again!!

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  1. No worries, take you time and get everyone settled in :o) Have fun at the party, don't go broke :o) oh what the heck you only live once, go for it!!! Have a good night!!