Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gurlee Girl

Hi Everyone!!!! I've missed you guys :)...... It's been so crazy around my house..sheesh! I've had no time to play and darn it..today was supposed to be my day and I already got the phone call from Cordell ...MOM! I forgot my lunch!!!!! I need it!!!.......yep so that means a road trip down to the school and Chiy tells me..MOM! we forgot to go by Target yesterday I need a binder and a butt load of sheet protectors...so yep a trip down Target...and I hate are local Target so this sucks..LOL!!! so I have a skunk half colored :(.......you'll understand what I mean if I can finish my card today and posted tomorrow :)......

Today's card features an image from Gurlee Girl..this is Cammy..isn't she darling?? I also was able to use the sketch from this Monday's Mojo Monday..so double yay for me! New stamp, new sketch.....The DP is a mixture of companies...the 6x6 DP is from my "stash" and the solid textured cardstock is from DCWV...The green flowery DP is from Memory Box..I'm not sure who made the one that is across the card...All the flowers are from Prima and the pearls are from Recollections... O and the rhinestones that are in her hat are from Queen&Company.. I also used shimmerz on her hat... I think that's it for today...so hopefully you like it :)
Have a great day everyone!!!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. She is soo cute!! Great job mixing all the DP. Your day sounds like my day, I'm taking Angelisa to school and she is rubbing her eyes, she rips her contact (these were her last pair) have to go back home to get her glasses and she starts complaining that she "needs her contacts" she has a basketball game after school. So, I go to buy her 2 boxes (of course , she has to have different prescription on each eye, sheesh) and they won't sell me them!!! Her prescription had expired she needs to go in for a check up. Our insurance only covers every other year so, I'm gonna have to cough up about $500 this year for new glasses and contact, cuz of course they charge for eye exam and for contact exam (how s***** is that). I had to make an appointment for her so they could give me a pair for her. So, how's that! I think my day sucked more than yours lol. Anyways, I'm glad you posted today cuz it brighten my day a bit. Thanks for that!!!

  2. Wow, I love this card, great colors, DP is beautiful, and that image wow she is so cute she reminds me of my Bethany!! Thanks for posting today. I guess having a bad day was in the air, mine was terrible too but I'm lucky all my bad was at work, so when I left work I left it all there with the hags!!! :o)

  3. Don't you just love those days? glad you had some time to play though. You do such a great job with these Mojo Monday sketches! I love the flowers.

  4. Hi Girl!
    It sounds like you need a vacation or at the very least a day at the spa.

    You card is super cute. Great job on the sketch.