Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hi Everyone! I'm going to take a break today. I have so much stuff to do, that I have no time to post.
How about this....I will have a little prize for the person who leaves me a comment on which card so far is your favorite....
I'll post the winner tomorrow morning...
Have a great day! Thank you!
Come Again!


  1. Hi There!! Back from our sftbl tournament, didn't win however Angelisa hit a HOME RUN!! We had fun though. Anyhow, my all time favorite is Perer Pan card. It is just beautiful, and the details, Love it. Also that you embossed after to seal the ink LOVE IT!!!

  2. Hi Mandy, my all time fav is the Hawaii Girl, every little detail about that card is just perfect, you really should enter your stuff and get published!!!