Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Is My First Post!!!

Ok just trying to get a feel for how this works..Everyone who knows me, knows I can't correctly write so please bear with me when I start posting, you are going to see a lot of run on sentences and incorrect punctuation. I don't think I will screw up spelling (spell check) small miracles..
I'm starting this blog because of my husband and daughter. They feel that my cards are worthy of showing off. Aren't they sweet! probably lying there butts off but still...I like them too :)
So hopefully i'll have a few followers in the near future....


  1. Awww, how sweet, Im glad that you are joining in on the blogging world, you will meet alot of wonderful ladies, and see alot of different techniques, and awesome projects out here:) Its just nice to be able to share allyour work with others, and see all their wonderful work.

    As for the spelling , well hmmmmm i have the same issues!!!LOL oh well that is what a dictionary comes in handy for....lol I use mine once in a great while :)

    Anyways love your blog!!!!


  2. Welcome to the blogging world!! I can't wait to see what you post! So far, your cards are great!! :)

    Don't worry about spelling and punctuation! I re-read mine several times before I put the publish button, but I'll still see mistakes days later!! No big deal!

  3. welcome to the blogosphere.

    love your cards.


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  5. Oooohhh, I love your background. The title is cute too. When I was preggo, I kept telling the baby "Swimmm down!!!" hehe Welcome and have fun. Don't worry about the typos... we all have them!