Monday, September 7, 2015

2 Months Ago :)

Hi Everyone..I made this card two months ago and forgot all about it. I used to have card class every month but in June I decided I was done. I lost all my mojo for card making and I truly just wanted to focus on Project Life. I love the friendship I have developed on YT with the people who watch my show ;) ..that is something I have never had here on my blog. I'm sure a lot had to do with how I write, so that is perfectly fine. I wanted to be able to talk to fellow PL Obsessed men and women..what is that called..like minded people?? I think that is right :) ..anyways, I am having a blast with my YT channel and I lost the passion for this craft BUT I did make a commitment to my class that in November I would have them over to make 4 Christmas cards. I'm looking forward to that, well during that email I realized how I truly missed talking to my friends in real life LOL! like, face to face :) ..so in Jan I will resume class again but with a twist. I did tell them I would let them in on the twist in Nov but heck I don't think any of them visit my blog, so I will tell you. My daughter is now selling Close To My Heart and I am still selling Stampin Up (to myself) ;) ...so I will be combining the two companies when I make my new cards. I am in love with CTMH products...they have some BOMB embellishments!!!!!  I think after she signed up I found the passion and excitement again and I can't wait to get started...if you need anything from either company you can find me under Mandy Schneider Hollister CA and once my daughter gets her website up she will be Chiyanne Schneider in Hollister CA ..thank you to anyone who reads this novel ..I'm not sure if anyone does but if you do ..come join me at Project Life Obsessed on Facebook and chit chat with all of us...Have a great week!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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  1. Woo hoo!!! That is awesome!! Can't wait for class!!! I have missed you too my friend!😘