Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project Life Weekly Nov 17-23 :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I can't believe it's that time of year again! where does the time go!!?? sheesh! I just remember chopping down our last Christmas tree and the workers tying it down to my truck..double sheesh! craziness!!! well if you watched my last video on my YouTube channel you will know that I was waiting to buy my camcorder and I did it..it's ordered but wasn't in stock.. but that's OK we are buying even more lights and I will get all set up to start learning how to make PL process videos when it comes in..so excited for this new adventure coming up in the New Year! and I bought a Webster's Planner and I really can't wait to get that in and start decorating it..I might even share that because I don't have a busy life but I feel I can make it pretty and useful anyways :) So I hope you stick with me :) ..Can I also just mention again..how much I am thankful to SU for introducing me to PL..this is the best crafting experience to ever happen to me and it's all because of them partnering with Becky Higgins..Love it!!! so I am off but I will be back asap!!
 Thank You!!! Come Again!!! 

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