Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My 1st Gay Card :)

Hi Everyone!!!! Chiyanne (my daughter) has a good friend who is openly gay and proud of it :) it's his birthday today and she asked for a Rainbow card for him. I searched everywhere in my craft room for rainbow paper and after an hour couldn't find any. I found some scrapbooking canvas in my "stash" so I used my ink pads and created a rainbow :) ..I also used cloud paper for the background..I'm sure TGF never thought there Peter Pan would be used for this card LOL! but she thought it was fitting. OK she was actually asking if I had a stripper image HMMM sorry darlin I don't think I would have many followers if I did LOL! I loved using the rainbow theme for everything..I even had ribbon in my "stash"..I hope you like it but I hope she really likes it, she hasn't seen it yet since I just finished it :)...Luanne my hubby drew your name so you are the winner of the DP blog candy so just email me and I will get the package out to you painkillerinc@yahoo.com..have a great day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!


  1. well I think it is a wonderful card! :)
    everyone needs to get lots of wishes on their birthday, no matter what! how kind of your daughter to think of her friend and want a special card made by you! I think it's great! :)

  2. hahaha! you're so funny. just saw the title of you post and it made me laugh. hahaha! love the rainbow colors and your coloring of the image. gayish! hahahah.

    Wiipeee!!! thank you Mandy for this giveaway and to your hubby.

    off to e-mail you my details.


  3. Hi Mandy, just poppin by to let you know I already sent my e-mail. just in case it gets to your spam folder hehehe


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