Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Lilo And Stitch Tattoo :)

Hi Everyone!!! I decided to finally show you my tattoos...I have an absolute love affair with cupcakes, they totally make me happy, they have for many years not just when Cupcake Wars came out :)..When I started to get my sleeve done I knew I wanted cupcakes and Disney...So I picked my favorite Disney movies and this of course is one of them. My family and I love this movie! I also knew that I wanted all my wrappers to incorporate the clothes of all the girls I chose and if you look closely you will see Lilo's dress :)..I also chose to have one item that means a lot to the girls on or next to my tattoo and of course you see Scrump :) ..Also the cupcake frosting is the color of my girls hair. I have the best tattoo artist around! and I can't wait to show you the rest over time :)...I love ALL my tattoos that he has made come to life just by me telling him what my vision is :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!

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