Friday, May 25, 2012

1st Christmas Card Sample

Hi Everyone!!! yesterday was crazy busy. I kinda don't like those days but my son has a few days left of school and we are totally counting down! So this morning as I was running with my friend Laura she mentioned our card day that's going to happen in July...yep Christmas in July! we will be making our Christmas cards!! and I thought I really need to start making samples for the ladies that need a little help with inspiration and this is the first one! ..Beware it's not a cheap card to make but it's a lot of fun because you can add a picture or not it's all up to them. I had a picture that makes me laugh on my desk and so I used it :) but normally I'm sure you would pick a happy picture not one with a son with attitude believe me he was in trouble after I clicked this picture LOL!!!! I added pictures that I took inside and outside that way you can hopefully see all the detail :) (everything is Stampin Up) ...Of course it's Friday Funny and here is Rocks trying to sleep but I kept taking pictures of him that he finally opened his eyes to glare at me! I decided that I really want to sew this weekend so hopefully I will finish a top to show you :) ..have a great 3 day weekend!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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