Saturday, April 14, 2012

Late Friday Funny and Lots Of Pictures

Hi Everyone!!! Holy Smokes it's been a week since my last post! what the heck! I guess I took it kinda easy since Cordell was on Spring Break.. The other day I found this bag pattern for free. I decided to try it and see what it would look like ..I did and yep I suck at reading directions :) ..I read them wrong and now have a long tube so I inadvertently made myself a Kozy Korn I think that's what they are called (you put corn feed inside of them heat them in the microwave and stick it on your aching parts of your body) so I guess it's a twofer :)..So I tried it again! and I did it right this time..it is made using SU fat quarters ..it's not perfect because it's my first one but I think I will make a couple of more...I think if you put a treat and a gift card inside someone might like it :) ..but in the meantime I don't want it..so if any of my readers are still around and you think you want it just leave a comment and I will pick a winner Monday morning and yes my FB friends and family it will work for you too :) ..it's a little bag but kinda cute lol! have a great Saturday..I think it's kinda sad that I'm watching the time just so I can go to bed ..I'm tired :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!
P.S Cordell loves the movie Paul and he found his head LOL!!!