Monday, February 13, 2012

Swoon :)

Hi Everyone!!! I had so much fun yesterday at the sew day ..I came home and finished off my block..let me tell you this is an intermediate pattern NOT a beginner..holy cow it was hard to figure out but I can honestly say I did it all on my own..by the time I'm done with this quilt I will be really proficient in Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese..sheesh! and this is a huge quilt! I have 8 more blocks to do..when I'm done it should be a queen/king size quilt :) ..let me tell you something else..I tried to figure out who the maker of this fabric is and I could have sworn it was Riley Blake well I typed in the browser Riley Blake and I clicked on images and wow lots and lots of penis showed up, so if your shocked by that kind of stuff don't click on images for Riley Blake LOL!!!! ..I wonder if the company knows that hmm hehe...anyways the pattern is called Swoon and you can buy it here ...I will be back with a card tomorrow ..the winner of yesterdays candy is Agustina :) ..have an awesome day
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. OMG,OMG I WON I WON LOL!!! Doing the happy dance!! I can hardly believe it! Thanks you sooo much! The pattern is great It looks hard, LOL i cant stop laughing I'm using hardly, hard and you talk about penis on your blog now this is just a bit to much lol! No, I'm not looking up Riley online cuz my computer is ready to crash lol!