Wednesday, January 27, 2010

O Bummer!

Hi Everyone! I'm so disappointed you have know idea :(...Well I decided that I needed to clean up my laptop because it's been having problems..so on Monday I call the computer guy and he says he can have it back to me the same day..well of course it's Wednesday and I still don't have my computer :( so that means I'm out of the relay race and what's sadder then that is I made a card using Charlotte and was already to post it...darn computer guy...both kids have there own laptops and Internet but I'll tell you there laptops are so darn weird and I don't know how to load anything, so there went that option..it took so long to make a watermark when I first started my blog that I don't know how to do that either..so long story short I have a card and can't show you and I'm out of the relay race double drats..so I'm gonna do what anyone else would do when there bummed.....go stamp shopping hehee so yay something good will come out of this right? and ya know what, guess what else I bought yesterday?????? fabric! for my blog giveaway for next month..so I will give you a hint on what basic Grey collection it is from ......EVA! so if you love Eva be on the lookout for the chance to win it.....OK I'll try to update you if I don't post a card tomorrow you know I don't have my computer :(....
Thank You!!! Come again!!!

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  1. So sorry your having computer issues, I hate when that happens!!! I'll wait patiently for your next post. That's a real bummer about the relay race :-( Eva is one of my absolute favorite BG lines, I'll be stalking you for that bag!!! LOL!! Have a great day :o)