Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi Everyone!!!! It's been pretty cool seeing everyone's creations with my sketch on the CTMH board..so thank you!!!....today's card features an image from Recollections..I love these little robots and they came out with matching paper, so totally fun to put them together..Chiy and I think this is a perfect card for a 5 year old :)...this is my own creation :)....The green brads and paper clip are from Making memories..the alien brad head and ribbon are from my "stash"...pretty easy card but fun...I loved the colors....
OK on to my news...I have asked my parents to move in with us and I finally got my dad to agree..see last year my parents got hit with losing there house of 23 years, my dad lost his construction business and all of his vehicles got repossessed, so they were left with nothing :(..my dad borrowed a lot of money off people and he needs to file for bankruptcy he was also forced to find a job..well he did but his work is a 45 to 60 min drive each way..well he's 60 and tired of the commute..they found a house to rent when they lost there house but it's been a struggle each month. Tim and I talked about this in length and I want a better life for my parents, so we figured if they moved in rent free for 5 months they would have enough money to pay back family, file for bankruptcy and have enough to move nearer to my dad's job. So starting next month Feb 1st we are going to do something we haven't done since I was a teenager and that's live together..O boy! LOL! my MOM is also a SAHW..so we will be together all morning by ourselves..my mom is a quilter, a BIG time quilter she's bringing her sewing machine with her, so when I'm making cards relaxing she will be making quilts..well in NOV it was my birthday and she made me this purse, my favorite food is Sushi :) so now I have my sushi purse and I love it. I have asked her to make me a purse for a blog giveaway and she was excited to do it but I wanted to make it extra special by buying Basic Grey material because everyone knows that they made there paper creations into fabric material right?? :)and that BG is my favorite DP of all time..right? hehe... so now I'm on the hunt for this material specifically. So stay tuned! ..and the other thing is have you seen those purses and flowers that Chick N Scratch (Angie Kennedy) has made?...well I am going to make the purses and I will have my mom make the quilted flowers to also give away! my mom also crochets so I will also ask her to make some of those too! I can't wait to show her the patterns because she will whip those puppies out in a day...so starting middle Feb I will be having blog giveaways maybe every couple of weeks but you will have to stay tuned because there may be challenges involved in winning :) ...hmmm....so sorry for the novel but it should be a fun time with my mom and dad..(I hope) LOL! Thank you for reading this if you got to the end LOL! have a great day!!!
Thank You!! Come Again!!


  1. Wow, This isn't your average card, I love it!!! You're going to make some little boy very happy!! You are such a great daughter, your parents are so lucky to have you!!! Enjoy your time together and have lots of fun!! I didn't know BG had material, let me know where to find it. They are my all time fav!!! Wow one of your Moms bags made with BG what a treasure!!!!! I hope I win ;o)

  2. Hey there, I tried yesterday to leave a comment twice with my phone and couldn't do it (Unexpierienced techi lol) I was almost done twice, then I don't know what I would touch and I would either exit out or the comment section would freeze. Sheech I need to play around and really get to know my phone lol. Anyways, This is whay I was trying to type, lol. So, the orange might just be growing on you, haha, ans I don't care of a plane lands on me ;) cuz I LOVE orange and this care is sooo cute. And no Diana has not used the joke on me (yet)lol. Also, I saw you mom yesterday and I was telling her about the quilted purse on Angie Kennedy's blog. I told her to ask you about it and to show her Angie's blog. HHmm, I wonder what does that mean? Is that good karma or what? Anyways I would LOVE to win your moms handmade quilted purse, so I'm crossing my fingers and I hope I win it. ;)

  3. Darling card, I love aliens and robots and orange is always great! I LOVE that purse, your mom did a great job. I did not know there was Basic Grey Fabric!

    Good luck with the move in process. I hope everyone settles into a routine quickly!

  4. beautiful work here on your blog! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! hugs!