Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chick & Chickano LOL!! Day 6

Hi Everyone! Sorry I'm late...I had a dentist appt and it took so long..sheesh... but here ya go...Don't you love my title of this post LOL! my family loved my card but there like umm the bird is so dark...so I told them it's a brown bird get off my back already hehehe OK so the reason he's so dark is because the marker I used said light brown well not when you put it onto white paper..they lied..yep markers fault..This is sketch 6 from The Greeting Farm...and I'm all caught up with the challenges so come back each and every day because I will have a card everyday LOL! all the DP and embellishments are from CTMH with the Ric rack from my "stash"...I hope you like :)...this one was fun. ...
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. Sheesh this is the third time I try to post comment with my Droid! Let me try again, you can tell I'm not to comfy with it yet lol. Here we go then: Yay! A bi-racial couple, Chickano took Chick to my "hometown" and introduced her to the Mexican way of celebrating the holidays lol. I totally love this chickano style card, the rick-rack looks GREAT and the colors are awsome. I hope you guys have a wonderful New Years Eve and an even more awsome New Year. (Hugs)

  2. card is darling. Hope your new year is awesome.