Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday Party Today

Hi Everyone!!! OK so this week has been another whirlwind and I'm sorry for leaving you again! :( I do have a card to show you tomorrow..I don't have enough time today to take a picture download, watermark and upload..hehe.... so since Wednesday I have been shopping like mad for Christmas and getting all the stuff I need for Chiy's games. We are having her birthday party today and we are going to play "Ellen's" games LOL! I love watching Ellen..so we will be playing Awww snap, ball twister, blind musical chairs, broom game and I rented Sumo suits...LOL!!!! If you want to know what I'm talking about just type into YouTube the titles I gave you and you will be able to see it...Hilarious! so I can't wait but O boy!!! :) .........and to top it all off were off to Disneyland Fri, Sat and Sun..and of course I need new tires and a wheel alignment so it will be another busy week next week...so I hoping to do auto post while I'm gone..sheesh.. crazy!!!!!!!!! don't forget about the blog candy.. :) I think the announcement is two posts down from this one....anyways. have a great Saturday!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!

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