Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aliens And A Story

Hi Everyone!!! I just finished this card and I used the sketch from The Sweet Stop...I loved the sketch BTW :) ...OK story time, since I haven't told one in awhile I thought I would share my adventure I had yesterday. See I live in Hollister Ca in one direction there is beautiful Monterey, Carmel area BUT if you head the other way you have a town called Los Banos which is triple digits of dry land. Well remember I said I was going to go see a potential sister for Rocks, ya let's see Los Banos is a neighbor to a town called Atwater, if I thought Los Banos is not fun I got to see that the town of Atwater is even less fun. This area is what everyone calls The Valley. ..OK so off we go myself and both dogs, no prob but nobody told me that it would be a two lane highway with truckers in my way THE WHOLE WAY! so as I'm cruising with two dogs in the car and my fan not working in my truck I had to have the windows rolled down, that led to feeling something crawling on my neck, I think this creature thought my neck was a milk chocolate bar because he was just rubbing himself in ecstasy all up and down my neck till I could brush him off, as I proceeded to brush him off he falls into my cleavage, so as I'm trying to drive on a two lane highway mind you and get him out of my bra all while trying not to get into a head on collision or run into the back of the semi . He falls onto my pant legs so as I'm looking down at him he's looking at me and that's where I'm kinda saying to myself WTH are you, it was a cross between a black bumblebee and a fly! very creepy looking since I've never seen one before but since he got to first base with me I kind of had respect for him so I tried to get him to go out the window but no go! so I had to do what I hate doing and I smooshed him because I really didn't want him to have his way with me again. I was lucky enough not to get into a accident but as I am still driving another one jumps into my truck! I'm like is this the welcome wagon of The Valley!? sheesh! I couldn't put my windows up because ya we would have died of heat exhaustion! ..Well at this point I'm passing a town called Gustine and lo and behold what do I smell COWS! not the shrimp on the barbie kind either (said in my best Australian accent) but cows that are smoldering in the dirt and heat! Remember I can't roll up my windows so poor Rocks jumps to the floorboards and you can tell he's trying to sniff dirty carpet instead of cows! Needless to say my GPS said it would be a two hour trip O no way! I was passing semi after semi! I made what was supposed to be a two hour trip into an hour and a half! and then to meet the dog and say nope she's not going to work out. So we head on back home, well here we are both myself and two dogs panting in the car, it's even hotter at this point. I had a super smart idea and that is to roll down all 4 windows! YA NOT SMART because hey my truck is a pig sty and has papers and water bottles everywhere, so as Rocks is in the passenger seat and Eewok (Chiy's Shit Zu) (don't know how to spell what the heck he is) who is sitting on the pedestal that Tim built for Rocks so he can be next to us and look out the window, he was sitting on it, all 3 of us hear this really weird noise and we looked in the back as a Costco water bottle plastic wrapper comes barreling down the middle of the truck, then flies past Eewok who was smart enough to duck JUST IN TIME because it flew past us OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW!! I'm so shocked! so I see both Rocks and Eewok looking at me (of course while there tongues are sticking out) thinking that ya maybe it's time to clean the truck and we want to go home mom! before I could put up the back windows some papers flew out the window!!! so my truck cleaned itself out on the highway of The Valley! O boy!!! Sorry Valley!! both dogs laid down at this point. I put up both windows in the back and stopped at the nearest McDonalds and bought them double cheeseburgers..It was an adventure that I really don't want to repeat, needless to say I felt really old yesterday because that drive wore me out and by 6:30 I was ASLEEP and so was Rocks!!!
I will be back tomorrow with a Friday Funny and a card :) have an awesome day!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. well it definitely sounds like you had quite the fun hour and a half ride. You did better than me...I definitely would have crashed if there was a big ol' bug crawling on me.

    cute card too.

  2. What a super cute monster card. Love the image, the papers... the stitching looks great! Great colors too. Thank you for playing along with us at The Sweet Stop this week.
    Well, I hope I won't have to go to the Valley any time soon! What an adventure! For a second, I thought you brought home the funny looking creature you met and used it on your card! It was just funny that you used that buggy on your card and had the story. LOL!

  3. lol, stuff it's always happening to you!!! I'm sorry it didn't work out with the other dog maybe Rocks will get a sibling soon. See you tomorrow!