Saturday, September 7, 2013

Skulls & Crossbones + Coffee :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I think my best work is happening at 11:30 at night now because I absolutely love how this came out! :) ..Chiy and I went to Michael's yesterday and I saw these skull straws and just knew I had to use them with the Perfect Blend stamp set..LOVE IT! ..If I wasn't so old now I would still be wearing everything with skulls and crossbones. :) ..I have to tell you a quick story on how I was rudely woken up this morning at 6:00am! a spider decided to crawl up my neck and tried to burrow into my hair! I felt all 8 legs digging into my scalp and immediately squished it but I must have squished it into oblivion because I couldn't find any guts on my pillow, that's a little disconcerting I will tell you! so it must have been a really good size too! so as I'm writing this post I can still feel all of it's legs, pretty funny and creepy :) ..(luckily I'm writing it down Laura and I won't explain in detail on our next run) ;) (she hates spiders).........would you like the ingredients now on what I used for this card LOL!!!
DSP Witches Brew #132185
Witches Brew  Washi Tape #132156
Perfect Blend #131392
Basic Black #121045
Pumpkin Pie #105117
Oh Goodie #131889
Have a great Saturday! I made a card for tomorrow yay! but it's FOOTBALL time so I will blog early! :)
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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