Friday, April 19, 2013

Yum :)

Hi Everyone! I just finished making this card :) ..just playing around, you can't go wrong with Summer Starfruit, Melon Mambo and a touch of Marina Mist..I just wanted something simple! .... My daughter wants me to make her friend a babies 1st birthday card which will take some time..so I guess baby card tomorrow for show and tell :) ...since it's Friday Funny day I wanted to show you the picture of how I sleep..see Bones and Rocks butt well my head is a little above that and do you see Kat's head well my feet are next to her, so yes I'm a perfect half Z..almost like this > LOL!..does that seem comfortable to you?? :) ..yep it's not but is it worth it..YOU BETCHA! :) love them! second picture is Kat taking a nap in dad's arms, he's on his back and she's tucked in his left armpit ..love it! ..have an awesome Friday!!! whoo hoo! 
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S ..Tim I can't wait to be with you this weekend...we need it babe..love you forever

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