Friday, February 1, 2013

Still In Love With Butterflies and Birds + The Triplets

Hi Everyone!!!! It's Friday Funny time and holy cow! it's February 1st! I made this purse using Becky Roberts tutorial but just a little plea if you don't have an SU consultant please consider me :) I have a website that you can order from at your convenience and right now SU has a special on some digital discs $1.00 each! but you can only get these disc's from my Website and they have a LOT of clearance items...so back to the purse I think it's our California weather right now, it's totally perfect, crisp air but sunny! so I have birds and butterflies still on the brain and by now my class is used to using both A LOT :) ...luckily they still like coming every month haha....everything is SU..I really liked the idea of candy and a gift card inside but the skies the limit...of course I had to show pictures of the triplets...sleeping :) O how cute they are! the picture of Rocks reminds me a lot of when they shipped Superman to the states and stuck him in that ship..(teehee)...I haven't seen that movie in years so I could be imagining something completely different but hey it's my brain that thinks I'm right and I know what I'm talking about but when it's written down or talked out loud I start to wonder if  maybe I'm NOT right (shock)! ...so just go with it ;0) ...well my family and I are off to go eat dinner in Monterey yumm!!! so I will see ya all tomorrow 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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