Monday, January 7, 2013

Lil Twister Quilt

Hi Everyone!!!! It has been busy around here but my son heads back to school tomorrow so everything should go back to a routine...I had to show you what has occupied me for the last couple of days..this twister quilt..O man I had so much fun putting this together!!!!!! I was really careful with my lines and trying to make sure I sew the correct way, so many things for my brain to process! I can't wait till I get this to the quilter and I'm super happy that it's Jan 7th and my first quilt of the year is completed! and I signed up for a blog hop but not with cards actually with quilting! I'm so excited and I will be adding my blog button on the side later on today but it's a Dresden quilt that I really wanted to make and this was the push I needed...I started it last night and can't wait to show you on the 25th..I will have a little blog candy on that day, so if you don't visit me often at least mark that day :) I guess there are 90 participants! crazy!!!  :) ...so anyways have a great day! see ya tomorrow with a card
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. I have got to make one of these twister quilts! I've had a small one cut out for ages now but haven't put it together. What a beautiful family you have - great pictures on your sideboard. blessings, marlene