Friday, December 28, 2012

Eighties Kinda Gal + More Totes+ Friday Funny!

Hi Everyone!!! sheesh! so many pictures to show you :) ..these are the last two totes I made for my nieces for Christmas, so that means tomorrow's post will be the last tote and that will be for one U.S.A resident only to win... BLOG CANDY! whoo hoo! I hope someone will want it :) ...so make sure you come back to enter, it's a one day only candy so don't miss it :) ..I did watch Blue Hawaii on the computer last night (love Elvis) so I made this card using the sketch from Sketch Saturday ..I hope you like it ..and of course my Friday Funny is all about the triplets..first picture is Bones, she loves her neck rubbed teehee! and the last picture I shared with my friends and family on FB ..It's all of them sleeping, yes Bones is on Rocks head and Kat's butt, my baby dog pile :) ..have an awesome day!!!! See ya tomorrow
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!
P.S thank you Sheila for your comment yesterday :)

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