Friday, January 27, 2012

Spolier Alert for One For The Money!

Hi Everyone!!! Just got back from seeing One For The Money..ya not worth it :( pretty bummed..I absolutely love the books ..ALL but Stephanie Plums character pretty much don't fit the books..Ranger is not hot or buffed or mysterious blah! Hate that..even LULA! hello! she wears petite clothes and shes extra plus size..sheesh! not in the movie she wears normal clothes ..so silly!!! ugh! It could have been way better..so disappointed! ..O well! sorry about the spoiler but I love BOOKS and I hate when they destroy characters that work just to suit themselves ...
My Friday Funny is of course Rocks ..my baby :) I hope he brings a smile to your face when you see him :) ...well I am off to the doctors later and hopefully headed to my mom's tomorrow to sew all day..whoo hoo! plus my dad is barbecuing O YUM!!!
Have a awesome weekend!!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S the winner of the surprise blog candy is Sheila! I took a picture of the slip with your name on it but forgot to upload it to my blog..but it was Sheila :) ..I'll find you

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  1. AAAHHH cutie! Rocks is becoming so photogenic LOL! Sorry you were disapointed on the Movie :(