Friday, July 8, 2011

Over The Hill

Hi Everyone!!!! OK so the super secret project I have been working on is a surprise 40TH birthday party for Tim!!! His actual birthday is July 12TH but we are partying tonight! So I still have lots to do..I will have a card tomorrow (hopefully I will post with no hangover) ;) hehehe...Of course it's not a party, unless Rocks supports it! he will be greeting dad with his hat on LOL! The last picture is Rocks hangover look..if he doesn't get 20 hours of sleep a day he's done, stick a fork in him :)
O! and Rocks ended up having a abscess tooth, so poor baby is on antibiotics but doc says he looks awesome :) ...Have a fantastic Friday!!! After today I will be back to posting regularly :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. party on Rocks!!! Happy birthday Tim

  2. LOL I LOVE ROCKS, CUZ HE JUST ROCKS!!!!Oh no poor Rocks, he must have been miserable for a bit glad he's on the road to recovery!! Happy Birthday to TIM!!!