Monday, July 6, 2009

So Demure :)

Hi Everyone!!! Hope everyone's weekend was safe and fun... Sorry for no post yesterday. My husband worked on Saturday so we had are family time yesterday and we had a blast. I will tell you that I was making cards on Saturday just having fun creating and I went to get my mom so she could be with the kids and me for fireworks, well we went outside for about a half hour to light fireworks and this year Chiyanne my oldest who's 16 1/2 decided to light them this year. That in itself was hilarious...she would light them and run off screaming! so we were the loudest on the block because we couldn't stop laughing and she wouldn't stop screaming when she lit them..lol! O boy! well I came inside to get something and lo and behold my dog who's scared of fireworks was panicked and he had this wild look about him and a o boy I'm busted look and that got me to look around to see what he did and no kidding he went into my office and destroyed everything! all my punches, papers, stamps, sewing machine and all my embellishments were all over the floor...I turned to yell at him and he booked it to the bedroom, he was so dead :) then I looked around some more and he put a huge gash in the door jamb leading to outside. So I took pity on him and told him he was forgiven. Well that lead me to just shut my office door and leave it for the next day. Then yesterday morning I tell my husband come look at what the dog did and I take him to my room and he tells me quite bravely... that it always looks like this....O boy he was so dead! I told him he better run.....LOL!!!! so lets just say I know how to make sure the bruises don't show ;) and he has only a little limp.......hehehe ....O and by the way my dog is a 130lb Mastiff..ugh!!! so thanks for reading my story but it's never a dull day in my household.....
Today's card features a WOJ image that is so cute...I used Bazzill base and all bazzill cardstock to layer
. Wal Mart ribbon and of course Dew Drops....Have a great day everyone!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!! and don't forget about the drawing tomorrow night for blog candy..so go answer a few questions and be entered to win....


  1. WOW what a day in the Schneider home, LOL. I was expecting you to write that the dog doodled in your craft room, thank God that was NOT the case. lol. I LOVE LOVE WOJ stamps I just think they are the cutest. The background paper almost looks like fireworks. Love the orange of course and thanks for the laughs.

  2. Such an adorable card!!!

    Your poor pooch! I have a friend who's golden retriever is terrified of fireworks, too. I'm glad you forgave him... :)

  3. I love the card, it's so bright and cheery just what I needed after a long, hard day at work. Your story made me laugh (thanks for the free theapy) I'm so glad I stopped by your blog instead of going straight to bed. I hope the pooch is all better now. Poor baby!! TFS

  4. Happy, happy card! Love the colors! And I thought my days were hectic! TFS! Blessings to you!

  5. She is fabulous, and I love the colors!

  6. Jeanette was doing the same thing when she was lighting the fireworks! Sorry the others were sick!
    Tell me if you have my blog bookmarked or if you have me on your blog: Yes I have your blog bookmarked.

    Are your more of a lurker? I like to look if that it what you mean.

    How did you find my blog? You told me.

    On the honor system..If you like my blog tell one person to come take a look..
    I have told Suzie to take a peak.

  7. What a wonderful card. That image is adorable and I love the paper you paired it with. I am always afraid to use vibrant patterned papers (although that diesn't stop me from buying them - LOL) but you've shown how well they can be used.

  8. Sounds like a fabulous holiday!!

    Love this delightful card!! Your perfectly colored sweetie looks awesome on this wonderful flowered DP!!!

  9. What a gorgeous card and that's a beautiful image!

  10. Your husband's comment SO made me laugh!

    Adorable card. The patterned paper is just too cute.

  11. Terrific card! Love the pp too!!! Poor doggy and your poor office! My one dog Lily flips out w/ the fireworks and thunder too! Hope you got your room cleaned up!

  12. this is one of my fav WOJ images..and you did a beautiful job creating this card with this adorable and sweet image...

  13. What a sweet card. You do a great job with your WOJ images.

  14. I love the image! She's a cutie!