Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Project Life Weekly Aug 11-17

Hi Everyone!!!! I can totally tell it's Tuesday because I'm sharing my PL weekly spread :) and I took these pictures under my set up for my YouTube videos and wow! what a difference! don't you think?? they came out so pretty..I think I can safely say we eat pretty good :) and if you are ever in Northern California we have the best sandwich place called Ike's..super duper fantastic!! always get their signature bread (Dutch Crust) and the Dirty Sauce..I'm drooling now..yummmmm! I used the Little Moments SU PL card collection kit..This is my tribute to the shocking news of Robin Williams death..These 3 movies are our favorites of his..Hopefully he has found peace...I also decided since I have some random photos laying around of my kids being goofy, that I will add one once in awhile..why not, it's my album LOL! do what you want ..no rules are needed or wanted..right!...Have a great day!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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