Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Min..O O Card :)

Hi Everyone!!! Funny story and I'm a dork..so we got invited to a wedding reception, it was a potluck. I wanted to bring 3 dishes, so I cooked all day on Saturday the reception was at 4:00pm ..at 3:30 I finally finished up the last dish and I thought.. O Man!!!! I don't have a card for them!!!! Didn't I mention in my last post how hot it is where I live?? well of course it was hot again..then you add in the oven being on all day and it was a sauna! I'm sweating like mad..I have to take a shower still and get dressed but since that's the easiest thing for me to do ..I waited till the last minute but now I have a problem because of this dang card..I run into my craft room and I'm scanning my stamp sets trying to figure out what will work for a wedding card and I have NOTHING! O boy! and I don't know their colors..so double drats! ..I just grab what I can and in 10 minutes I made this card!(and took a picture of it).. It's not my best work but since neither one of them are crafters I knew they wouldn't judge LOL!..so lo and behold ..we pack up the car and head to the reception..we arrive at 4:15 and walk to the doors with our arms full and guess what!? doors are locked! both Tim and I are looking at each other wondering if they moved the reception..we go back to the car and I call my daughter and she says ..let me look at my calendar on my phone..well duh! it's on my phone too..sooooooo here's where the brain fart comes in..the reception is on SUNDAY! not Saturday..I am a complete and utter DORK! WOW! ..luckily everything I made is even better the next day..wheewww! but talk about a mix up...OUI!!!! The End :)
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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