Friday, August 19, 2011

Rocks On Drugs..Donuts..and Baby Bootie Card Again

Hi Everyone!!!! We all made it! It's Friday! and yep Cordell loves all of his teachers, so it should be a great year....How about you? Did you guys have a good week? ...My poor Rocks had his teeth cleaned yesterday and 2! teeth extracted my poor LoveBuggy!! so the pictures are of him droopy eyed and on drugs :) ...he snored the whole night LOL!!! But he came out even more beautified :) :) ....yesterday I took my boys with me to Michael's (I had coupons) hehe so I bought 3 things...two of them were the new Wilton donut pans they have out, after Tim and I talked he and I thought it would be fun for me to wake up early and make fresh hot donuts..I DID!!! and they were yummy (not the best) LOL! because ya hello FRIED is Da Bomb!!! My third chin is all about fried foods I tell ya ....On to my card..yesterday's post was about the New Holiday Stocking Die, that I wanted to use not just for the Holidays..well I wanted to make it into a gift card holder plus card..I think I accomplished that :) ...everything is still the same DSP Nursery Nest # 122347..the buttons are all from SU...I did sew around the edges of the die and card but it's not my best job..I get distracted easily (Squirrel) ...and it was late :) ..So just ignore my not so straight lines :)...I hope you have a fabulous day!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!

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  1. I Love the pics of Rocks!!! LoL I love the card great for giftcard!!!MMMM those donuts look yummy!!!