Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Bootie!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!Sheesh yesterday was busy and I didn't know it was early day all this week.. So at 12:15 yesterday Cordell calls and says..Umm mom did you know it was early day all this week? I get out at 12:05... Me: umm Cordell if I knew it was early day all this week I would have already been there, so no I didn't!.. Cordell: OK! well mom we get out early all this week and I love all my classes!!!! So I'll wait out front for you..So all I heard throughout the whole night is, "mom forgot me on the first day of school"....O boy (the trauma!!!) He's going to tell his kids one day how Grandma forgot me and I had to wait a whole 15 minutes for her to get me... never mind his entire life I have been outside the school a whole half hour before school gets out :) :) dang kid.. :)
My new SU stuff came in and O boy! I new when I bought the Stocking Die that I would use it for Baby Booties and other fun stuff instead of just for Christmas..For this baby bootie I sealed it all the way around so that you can put a gift card in it :)..I will be doing more with this die..You can order it Sept 1st! ...All the DSP is from Nursery Nest #122347 ..The stamp is from set Easy Events #123225 ...The ribbon is beautiful and it's Marina Mist #120929.. I hope you have a great day! My poor Rocks is getting his tooth extracted and his teeth cleaned today..so please think of him and cross your fingers that he does good..I miss having him with me already.....
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. Cute baby bootie!! I hope Rocks is doing better!! You bad momma you forgot your baby :o LOL