Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make Your Own Dam Cake.. Bahaha!!!

Hi Everyone!!! So far there's only 3 comments..Nobody wants to spend $25.00 with SU??? Shoot even as a SU demo I would play! LOL!!! Hey free is free :) ....If you want to enter go to yesterday's post....OK I wanted to make something different last night..so I went searching and I ended up at Inking Idaho's blog..I sure wish I picked her as my upline..My upline hasn't sent what she said we would get from her but she sent a postcard ...O well :( ...OK so my complaining is over LOL! But darn it I like Becky's projects but this one made me and Tim laugh so hard..Because can you imagine getting this as a gift? (yes, some people would love it but the other people would pick it up and say OK thankssss)..Tim said ummm is it a gift of make your own dam cake?? so I picked this sentiment from SU Afterthoughts #120121 because it kinda was funny but after looking at the sentiment now, I put the wrong one on LOL!!! It was supposed to be the Happy Birthday (Call When It's Time For Cake)...So just imagine hehe..In the front pocket I added chocolates and a gift card...The DSP is from the new catty Beyond The Garden #122342 ..I am going to put an order in on Friday and hopefully I will have new stuff to show you..On the airplane I made my wish list so fun fun!! The butterflies are from my "stash" and the flower is from prima....I hope you have a fantastic day!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. your project title caught my eye so I had to stop over. what a hoot! I love this!
    and I know what ya mean about the upline...... mine was pretty much the same way. I was on my own for 4 years. oh well. I made my own fun!

    when I win the lottery I will come place a ginormous order with ya - deal?!

  2. I read your blog yesterday... but I don't need $25 of SU stuff... come look at my office. Sorry about your upline... my upline left and my sidelines left, my up uplines are still around and I get invited to stuff... next time I'll check if you can come have some fun... in Walnut Creek with me.

  3. PS. I love the pictures of your cruise! How fun! Looks like the whole family had a blast!

  4. Cool project!! Great job!!

  5. Cool gift project!!! I wouldn't mind getting this, however I WOULDN'T call you when the cake was done! LOL!!! JK