Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cordell's birthday cards!

Susan aka peebsmama........ Agustina
Mary G................................. Gina L.

Thank you ladies so much!!!!! all of them are AWESOME!!! I appreciate this so much!!!!!
We had such a good day yesterday and of all the presents he got (Game Stop, Barnes N Noble and Target) his favorite was a HUGE 3lb bag of popcorn that my parents gave him!!! LOL!!! OMGosh it was so funny!! he's a simple kinda kid...LOL!
He's done that before, my nieces were born in Oct and my In-laws had a party for them last year and the kids played games and they gave prizes but the prizes were from a witch... When it was time to open his gift he unveiled a....... POTATO! and he was laughing so hard and he got such a kick out of it. He wouldn't let it go so we cooked it in the morning and he loved it... :)
Thank you again!!!

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  1. Glad you guys had a great day yesterday, and I soo loved the story of the potato lol.