Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week July 7th-13th Project Life

Hi Everyone!!!!! I did my weekly PL yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it! this has been the most fun that I have ever had with scrapbooking :) ..I have this weeks PL already laid out on my design template ready to be finished ..the hubby and I are leaving town for a day and a half tomorrow so I will be back to show you on Wed :) ..With just using SU PL I have noticed that I pretty much use all of the PL kits not just one..so I recommend to buy them all..I think their is 5 for now and another one will be released next month plus we have the Holiday mini coming out soon that has another set..I hope you like it :) ..I really wasn't going to write on my journal cards because my handwriting sucks but it's mine ..and I think it's fun to sound out what I say teehee!!! it's a game too :) have a great week!!! see ya all soon :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!! 

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