Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SU PL July 21-27th

Hi Everyone! I finished last weeks weekly PL page and I wanted to share..this was such a fun time with my hubby..I saved up for us to be able to get our season passes from Disneyland..who knew that just a few days later I needed that money to help my poor baby Rocks..so looking at the pictures this week is really hard because we did have a great time and I wiped out my savings account...it's one of those..should of, would of, could of :( ..so I had to ask for help which sucks..because we have never asked for help for anything before..OK maybe one time..we needed help moving our hot tub from one house to another 10 years ago..but pretty much Tim and I can do everything by ourselves but not at this time..so if you have it in you to help with a donation it would be appreciated. We went and got Rocks ultrasound yesterday and they quoted us $700 ..well we left with a $909.15 bill instead..ouch! here's the link to my sweethearts page Rocky Needs Help ..thank you!!! The SU PL I used was Everyday Adventure..I did add extra embellishments from my "stash" ..I felt it was OK and I really like how they made the page even better..this was a really bright layout..now time to put it away :( 
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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