Monday, May 19, 2014

Seriously LOVE When An Idea Pops Into My Head :)

Hi Everyone!!!! Don't you love the title of this post :) ..It's because when I saw the Mojo Monday post in my email this morning I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do and let me tell you something... I looked at it with one eye open because the minute I wake up I have my phone in my hand checking my emails..Admit it..you guys do too ;) ..it came out just like I envisioned it ..(swoon) ..it's the little things people :) ..let me have it teehee!!! and I totally thought the sentiment was fitting! I did notice after taking the picture that my little bottom flag piece is a little crooked..so I need to fix that but everything else just makes me smile..I hope you like it :) and it's pretty cool that the stamp set Starburst Sayings is in the new catalog :)..so go buy it! if you buy it from me that's even better ;) ...O and a little note..do you know how I was going to share my Project Life pages with you this weekend..well the fates are against me..like AGAINST me..I have tried everywhere locally to get my pictures printed but every darn business has a broken machine..ugh!!! don't they know I am anxious to get started..DOUBLE UGH! ..so soon I promise ..have a great day!!!
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!

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