Thursday, March 21, 2013

Laundry Is Daydreaming Time :)

Hi Everyone!!!! OK so who else is hooked on The Vampire Diaries!!!!!???? LOVE IT!!!! so that's what I do all day watch it on Netflix! :) ...O so good!! but I asked Tim to download some songs onto my IPod (of course it songs from TVD) :) and of course he says I'm obsessed AND says's all they do is scream on the show..SO I had him pick up pizza for dinner tonight since I have 2 episodes left of season 3 but hey no home cooking for a guy who says negative things about my favorite show:)..so anyways while he was downloading songs I made this card..all by my lonesome and it's my own sketch :) ...productive day! since I stayed up till 3:30am watching TVD! I feel pretty good ....so I kinda have to go since I DO have 2 episodes left and I'm DYING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ALARIC!!!!! OMG!!!! NAIL BITER!!!!!! ...and wow THAT KISS!!! SO STEAMY!!! My Fav DAMON ...SWOON! since nobody talks back to me on my blog I'll just have to assume that you love this show too and are a big fan like me ...right!? haha!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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