Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Turkey Applique :)

Hi Everyone!!! OK I am so sorry about no card but I promise to go back into my craft room soon! :) I have ordered $130.00 worth of thread to be able to match my fabric when I applique, so I am going full steam ahead with this craft..loving it! my thread hasn't come in so I can't match my browns perfectly yet but soon ...this is a cutesy turkey so of course I had to use fun vibrant colors for the feathers..O and I just ordered more patterns! so more to come! my mom and I have talked every single day on the phone and we are planning our Christmas Applique quilt, so I may have a sleepover with my mother LOL! Sewing and gaining weight over a weekend sounds like a BLAST! can't wait! ...So I hope you stick with me through my journey of quilting and card making. My dad informed me a couple of nights ago that I really should just stick with one craft since they are both expensive hobbies...ugh dad's LOL!!!! Love him lots too! but between my mom and me giving him our Christmas wish lists, he's probably cussing in his head :) ..Have a fantastic day! I need to go clean up my sewing room (dining room now) so no door..yep now I have to clean ..
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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