Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone!!!.I have missed creating and blogging!!!!! Chiy went back home yesterday..I had such a blast with her this holiday season but now the fun ends..Tomorrow starts my training, in May Tim and I will be doing a Mud Run..it will have 11 obstacles and it's a 5K..O I'm excited! we will be starting WW again (love Weight Watchers) it does work :) and I can still have my candy and my carbs :)..I just bought an elliptical, so that should be fun too :) lots of new stuff happening this year..I hope for you too..I will be back on schedule now that everything is over and I hope to see you along with me :) I will be offering different things this year from projects to crafts and food..I'll throw in a WW recipe every once in awhile not all the time I promise :) ..but just to change it up a bit and show you I can do more lol! ..I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year!!! I will see ya tomorrow :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Speaking of WW Recipes, don't forget this one:

    Pumpkin Muffins
    1 box Duncan Hines Spice Cake mix
    1 - 14oz. can of regular pumpkin (not pie mix)
    1/4 cup applesauce.

    Mix all together, bake in mini-muffin pans at 350^ for 12 or so minutes.

    1 muffin = 1 points plus.

    I usually get anywhere from 60 to 72 from a recipe.

    To make them extra special, add 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. Same points value.

  2. Thank You Sheila!!! I love those darn muffins :) but forgot about them :) ..will be making soon that's for sure :)