Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Candied Jalapenos :)

Hi Everyone!!! well yesterday was the first day of my workouts, yep workouts. I'm trying to get 3 in for the day..let's see running 4 miles every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Elliptical for 5 minutes plus one extra minute a day (thank you Brandy) so today will be 6 minutes and so on :) and P90! and try to eat the right foods constantly which is hard but with WW and the food journal it makes it a little bit easier :) ..so I'm late in posting because yep I HURT! :) ...I will be back tomorrow with a card though :) ..I wanted to show you what Tim and I did together a couple of months ago ..We canned!!! wow it was kinda hard because we didn't have the proper tools..sheesh lesson learned but we had fun doing it..These little babies are Candied Jalapenos..I will share the link on how to make them..COWBOY CANDY....the only thing I would do different is add in way more heat because these little babies have the SWEET down and just a hint of heat..they are good on Hot Dogs but not on Hamburgers :) ..I hope you try it out for yourself ...Have an awesome night and can you believe the next BL is on tonight!!! sheesh!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. Candied Jalapenos!! I actually had never heard of these until last week. I went to lunch with the bestie at Ella's and us Mexicans LOL wanted some heat and they gave us these. Yeah, needles to say we didn't really liked these, they were too sweet. Boy you coulda fooled me, when I saw you yesterday you didn't look like you where in pain LOL!!! JK!!!