Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My 1st Cheesecake!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! I don't have a card for you after all, poor Bear Cub has been real sick, so I have been cleaning carpets all morning :( ...So I thought I would show you my first ever Cheesecake, it is a Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake and O boy it's yummy!!! Chiy and I are big time cheesecake lovers, when we went to New York on vacation a few years ago we had Juniors cheesecake twice a day for 5 days and it was the BEST Eva!!!! This is in no way close to Juniors ..I wouldn't even say this is the best that you will ever eat LOL! isn't that funny when you hear people say that about there food because the minute you taste it you think wow! this is so gross or wow I think maybe your taste buds are way different then mine because this has NO flavor LOL! so I wouldn't even think of being a braggart LOL! to embarrassing I would die of mortification..... but not bad for a housewife in California :) I can't wait to try a strawberry cheesecake YUMOO's!!!
So I will have a card tomorrow...have a great day!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. MMMMMM I want some!!!LOL Ah Poor Bear wish I had a magic pill to give him! :(

  2. Sure looks delicious. Your blog is fabulous so many great cards. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower from SC...

    Peggy Finney

  3. Yummmm, it looks so good, I'll be right over!!!! LOL!!!