Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strawberries With Mice :)

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you for the well wishes :) ..I had such a blast with Tim last night, we first went to the movies and watched.. Unknown.. Both Tim and I love the movie Taken that we wanted to support Liam Neeson but what a boring movie LOL!!! I gave it 1 out of 5 stars LOL! Tim said it wasn't that bad, he wouldn't own it but if it was on HBO he would watch it..I won't hehehe...We ate a huge dinner at Famous Dave's and yep Food Coma..It was such a wonderful day and night..I love you Timothy thank you :) ..So today I am off to get another Tattoo and I am looking forward to it but not really LOL!!! it freaking hurts, it's not like when I was younger and embraced physical pain now I go "ouch" and I have to remember my breathing exercises when I gave birth ..the funny part of this is that my tattooist has no tattoos and we asked him why? he said because they HURT!!!! true story..we couldn't stop laughing at that one :) and he looks like he's 14 but he's an award winning tattooist he gets invited to Italy and tattoos people over there...pretty darn cool...anyways this card was made awhile ago but I haven't posted it yet..It's a House Mouse image and I heat embossed over the image and added my colors over it...I like how it came out ..I hope you have a great day..See ya tomorrow
Thank You!!! Come again!!!!


  1. My husband couldn't wait to see that movie because he loved Liam in Taken. He said the same thing. Sorry you watched a bum movie.
    Your card looks adorable.

    Good luck with that tattoo. I will never get one. I am too chicken and don't like pain. At all!

    Hugs and smiles

  2. Cute card!!! I'm glad you and Tim had a good time, congratulations on your happy life together!!!

  3. I love House Mouse! Beautiful card. :)