Saturday, November 14, 2009

A message :)

Hi Everyone!!! OK let me tell you I'm so sorry for being MIA lately..I'll tell you what happened..well I'm sure some of you remember what happened to our Nana 3 weeks ago..she fell down and broke her leg so she was sick and is still in the hospital. She's doing good but that was the start of what's been happening. About the same time that happened Tim was in our yard doing some yard work and I decided to be nice and help..silly me..Let me tell you first though that I am not a yard work kinda gal..we have a gardener it's that bad.. I run from tree to tree hiding from the sun and instructing my hubby, it's my M.O. LOL! ...so here I am about 3 weeks ago helping Tim gather rocks from underneath fruit trees and next thing I know in the last 3 weeks I have fallen apart.. I am so tired I could sleep standing up..It's more like exhausted every single day and I started getting migraines every single day from a pain scale 1 to 10 10 being the worst mine are 8 everyday thennn LOL! My body was so tired I could barely lift anything..WELL I finally said something to my doctor but it's kinda funny (still) my doctor is also my hair removal guy..so I'm getting my armpits done (really really painful by the way) and I start telling him, doc my thyroid pills aren't working, there doing the complete opposite and I just don't feel good..so he starts thinking and he says well it could be a couple of things one being a tumor in your head and another being lupus ...great..sheesh...so I get sent to the hospital and have a head ct scan ..see a neuroligist negative results well in the meantime doc sent me to get some blood tests well 11 vials in one sha bang was fun (not)..hehe...so then finally I get the call that says I have Lyme Disease..a stupid TICK! bit me! O boy! SEE!!! I told Tim! that's what I get for being nice! I'm going to continue to stay in my craft room and eat my snickers bar while watching you do yard work from now on! that's what I told him!......... the sad part is the I didn't get to bite back or squish the bug!..so needless to say I have been missing creating and posting and can't wait to get back into it..so my mission today is to make something really cute..I don't want to lose anymore followers because I treaure every single one of you...thank you for pushing that button to keep an eye on my creations...so hopefully I can get rid of this stupid disease.. I did tell Tim that at least it's not a STD ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!..........he has a really good eye roll.... So thank you for the people that have stuck with me (((hugs))) I will be back tomorrow!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. I know I have a good reason for my feelings about ticks. Hate them. Hate the idea of them. I hope you are soon feeling better. Stay out of the yard and in your craft room!

  2. Hi sooo glad to hear from you! Not sure if you wanted to share, glad you did cuz that way lots of us continue to send you good vibes through your blog hehe. And no worries we will all wait here patiently till you come bak with a bang!!!! Gell well soon!!!!!! ;)

  3. Well now that's a good excuse to get out of yard work!!! I know not a good way to get it, but make it work for you!!! The last time I helped with the yard work a wasp got up the leg of my pants to the back of my thigh. Well you've never seen a girl get out of her pants so fast, I just thank god we were in the back yard!!! Hehe!! I'm very allergic and didn't have an epi, needless to say I haven't even been asked to help in the yard. Anyway I hope you feel better soon and we'll be here when your ready to come back, no worries!!! Your worth waiting for!! :o)