Sunday, June 1, 2014

Project Life Stampin Up :)

Hi Everyone!!!!! My hubby and I are big time foodies and we love FOOTBALL!!!  We live 7 hours away from San Diego, California. I really wanted to see the Colts play the Chargers on Monday night, so I bought tickets and we rented a car and went on a road trip!!  We wanted to have a foodie adventure so we left on Sunday. We did so many stops and boy were we foodied out by 3:00pm LOL! O talk about bloated and not feeling so hot :) but we had a great time!! If I would have known that I would be scrapbooking a few months later I would have taken a real camera and taken way more pictures but I didn't but that's OK. I look at these photos and I remember what a great time I had with my husband! we decided then and there that it's our time now..are kids are older so we can have more adventures together. I can't wait! Project Life came into my life because of SU and I couldn't be happier..this process was so much fun and so easy! I finished 8 pages in two hours. Now you can make your pages any way you want..embellish the heck out of them or journal!..the skies the limit I chose to do simple...only because I feel I want my pictures to tell the story and plus I suck at writing :) ..I did incorporate stamps and some of my own embellies but they are minimal and I love it :) ..I absolutely love the filler cards! I can't wait to have people over at my house to crop using PL! I can't recommend PL enough!!!! because of this I will be taking way more pictures and documenting everything! Give this a try I promise you will love it too! have a great day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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