Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilting And Loving It :)

Hi Everyone!!!! WOW! I didn't realize that I have been obsessed with quilting for over 2 weeks! I haven't felt like doing anything else but that..I finally got my binding on picture 1 and 3 done. I made the butterfly quilt, it took 25 hours to make. The last picture with the birds I just need to send it off to my quilting lady :) ..all my quilts are for sale except for the butterfly one..that one was a gift :) ..so anyways that is what I have been doing..O and I am getting ready to film my first YouTube videos..more about that some other time but let me just say I am so EXCITED about that :) also thank you! thank you! to whomever ordered off my website..you didn't want any contact so I can't send you a Thank You card but just know that it's what I would have done to show my appreciation! OK..On to the card ..I finally found some mojo! this is all mine baby :) ..my mind went crazy when my hubby and I went and bought some sushi yesterday and our local grocery store..when you buy the rolls it comes with this little grass as decoration..I totally had this idea pop up when I touched it! don't you just love when that happens..Tim was worried that it would smell fishy but after using Dawn dish soap, it was all good :) so what do you think??? I love it :) ...I hope you have a great weekend ..I won't promise to be back because now I am working on my own quilt and it's a frustrating one so wish me luck :) ..
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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