Friday, May 10, 2013

My Beautiful Baby!!!

Hi Everyone!!! YES! I'm going there..I'm bragging on my baby girl..I really want her to become a plus size model..I think she's gorgeous and has what it takes..so she did this photo shoot with an awesome photographer! aren't they phenomenal! and now all she has to do is send them off!!!! I hope soon!!!!! ..OK I did make a card and I love the bright and happy feeling you get from it :) and I have to show you a Friday Funny of Rocks and Bones..see Rocks is top dog ;) .. that picture of Bones..it's kinda deceiving because she is SNORING like a freight train even while I'm clicking away..the debris around her ya that's because she HAS to roll around in dirt ALL day long but she's happy as a clam while rolling so (sign) we just deal with it...Have a great day!!! I will be back tomorrow with a little blog candy and I'm sure a craft project of some kind since I have my hand in a lot right now
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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