Sunday, January 20, 2013

Love The Peacock :0)

Hi Everyone!!! well I got sick again and have felt like crud so I haven't been crafting..Pneumonia sucks BTW...but I am back and feel like making cards again. In fact I bought new DP! 3 Basic Grey DP! and 1 My Mind's Eye and 1 Fancy Pants Design...LOVE IT! my daughter took me on a date Friday night and we stopped at the scrapbooking store and I was drooling the whole time! I'm so lucky that I no longer have a LSS near me! trouble! :) ..but since my New Years Resolution this year was to make more quilts I have made it my mission to shop on-line fabric stores and man o man I have been having fun clicking that buy it now button! so I showed you a couple of pictures of quilts that I will be making in the next two weeks..when I first saw the Riley Blake fabric called Sunshine I knew that I wanted that fabric for my Spools quilt..and because I have this thing about being symmetrical I will be making the bottom right hand corner quilt :) ..Tim and I went out on a date yesterday and we had to stop at Hobby Lobby and look at what I found this awesome Owl material..I have this thing about cupcakes and cutesy owls ..LOVE THEM! so I will be making this quilt on Friday with my mom and some really fun quilting buddies ..can't wait!...Of course I didn't get to post for Friday Funny so here's my life in my bed..3 bullies that allow us to sleep next to them ..such givers ;) ..so this is what I dubbed my personal dog pile and yes all 3 were sleeping in this picture and when they heard the flash on the camera go off they raised a eye lid just a slit just to tell me to knock it off..The picture of Kat is her lying on my chest :) ..just this morning I woke up with her face laying on my cheek. I got up and she slid her face off mine and stayed asleep..O the life :) ...I guess I should tell you about the card I made using one of my other designs right? LOL! it's 90% SU ..counting down the days till I can resign up and buy from the new Spring mini...O yay! so FOOTBALL is on today and I won't try to think about how it's the last game of the season SNIFF! SMH! trying to hold back my sorrow because Sept is a LONG time away from now...so have an awesome day!!! I will be back this week and as a matter of fact I will be cleaning my craft desk so I can feel that I have a fresh start :)...
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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