Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Reality Of A Craft Desk

Hi Everyone!!! Well like my title says this is my reality when I craft every single day! I always start out clean and by the time I'm done I am working in a 6x6 size space in from of me. I am so dreading cleaning this up but I need to because I keep losing my little pieces LOL! I wasn't brave enough to show you my complete room because yep a bomb blew up in the whole room not just my desk..thank gosh my house doesn't look like this but for some reason my sewing room is headed this way too :) ..Tim's constantly laughing at me but O well I don't think I will ever be a clean crafter or shhh baker! at least I can be grateful that my hair is always pulled back or else I would have the Einstein look while making cards/sewing :0)...So to the card. This card is for card class and I had fun tearing out a page in the old idea book and integrating onto the front it's the flower looking thing LOL! I can't remember what it's called ..With the Cupcake we will be able to use the Cherry smelling embossing powder and O ya it smells delicious! I did add on all the edges bleach but I'm not sure I like it after all so that might be nixed...But I like the fun color combo and it makes me feel good, so hopefully they will leave happy with this one :) ...Have an awesome Tuesday!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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  1. Oh la la!! I like it, the Flowerette or whatever it's called turned out awesome!! Can't wait till Friday!