Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday!!! Friday Funny Time

Hi Everyone!!! today is card class and my night class should be here soon so I will make this short and sweet :) I have some card ideas in my head which I hope to bring alive this weekend and I have 4 quilt projects that I'm working on! crazy! I don't know how that happened! so I have lots of crafting to do this weekend and of course it's HOT! I really hate when my boobs need a floatation device to keep them away from the sweat! yuck ;) OK I had to add that in because for the most part I leave my true self out of my blog :) but it's late and now that I'm on WW I'm having a hard time not pigging out on cake, chocolate or sweetbread! so I'm kinda twitching right now ..I hope you all have a good weekend ..see ya soon!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. LMAO your too much, but I hear you on the boobs thing i can relate lol! Great am class I think "most of us" had a great am! As always I love to see Rocks Pic on you blog! Now get quilting!